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HeatRockz 2​.​0

by Five Steez & Mordecai

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Verse 1: Worldwide, Steez got the game locked down (Lock) Local, international, I rock crowds (Yeah) No gun but this is my shot now (My time) Still, my voice like the Glock sound Bangers tear up your block like hot rounds Leave the mic smoking, I got loud (Yeah) Probably eat your food as if it's pak chow (Nyam everyting) You can't fight with me, you get boxed out Hip Hop style, Steez a heavyweight (Heavyweight) The example you should follow, let me demonstrate (Watch me) You try to be fly but I levitate Elevate to the sky as high as heaven's gates (Uh) Every new release, the fans celebrate (Yeah) I think back to seventeen, we was selling tapes I setup shop, me, I never wait (Never) that's why I'm a general and a head of state (Salute me) Hook (Repeat): Call me Commander in Chief (Salute) Here to strangle the beast (Wit my troops) Take a stance for the least (Lace your boots) HeatRockz just bang in the streets (It's the truth) Verse 2: Over five years, I boost sales of Dragon Stout RIP 'Babi', long live Gambling House (Gamblino) That's where all the real MCs was hanging out And we made history if you ever had a doubt (GH) Pay Attention had a three-year run (Yeah) A crew better than Council, tell me if you hear one (Please do) Are these guys trappers or they rappers? All I know is they happen to be wacker (They garbage) Youtube views, that's not the culture (Uh uh) Dreams get punctured, burnt with sulphur Thought you had a reign? I came to bring thunder Aim at weak MCs like beauty queens and world hunger (Whoo) Going against the grain like a rebel leader (Yeah) Slide through your area like a debit visa And get love from all the senoritas (All of dem) I'm gonna score like a record keeper (Yeah) Hook (x4)
The Vanguard 02:55
Yeah What did I tell you? It never going stop (Never) Is HeatRockz Listen Yow... yow... yow... yow Verse 1: Let's get it again, they thought the record would end (Uh uh) This is Part 2, the plan never fall through (Nah) Back with another edition, get your subscription (Get it) Another project everybody must listen (Listen up) They know me from the First to the Gold Coast (Worldwide) Turn your mic off, I don't need a co-host (Uh uh) So dope, you still choke off the low dose Since the days with Simo and the bro Sos (BP) I can show my power like you owe Ghost All about my bread, I need the whole toast Or I might get Rawkus like I know Mos You running when I'm coming through the doorpost (Run) Defender of the craft, guardian of the art you better kneel and beg my pardon from the start (Uh) Yu waa test? Then sharpen up your darts I pull a sword that's carving up your parts (Yeah) I might be the sickest 'cause I'm effortless Even I can't tell you what my method is Manifested evidence to show you that I'm blessed with this Maybe from some compulsive obsessiveness Rhymes on my mind, sometimes, they write themself They always tighter than a miser tie his belt Just my look my alone would make iron melt I'm trying to book my tour for the highest wealth And still rock Levis, no YSL Puma kicks and the Hanes Tee white as hell (Fresh) Take rappers to school, they saved by the bell from that time, my music had clientele (Way back) My name etched in stone in my city Kingston, come and roam where it's gritty (Yeah) It's like the place poor but it pretty (Uh huh) Ashanti to Yoruba, the whole of it in wi (Yeah) And I carry on the legacy With the memory of the nineties and the seventies This is boom bap, don't call it old school It's the true original before Pro Tools The form from the samples and tape machines Turntables and the mixer that made the scene I kept it pure, they couldn't fade my dream They say me and Mordecai an amazing team Eric B and Rakim, Gang Starr At the show, in the air is where the hands are (Hands up) Wit me, only the best can par I'm not the standard, I'm the vanguard (Yeah) Remember the name if you never knew (Yu never know) Only 5 sum'n, you'd think I'm seven two (Seven two) And you know I'm official from how I rep my crew Follow the leader and watch me set the rules (Set the rules)
A.B.S. 04:14
Yeah... Uh Step up, step up See it yah suh now Hook (Repeat): Step up in the building like a takeover My stakeholders push the Range Rovers My dawgs move like army base soldiers Plans to rock the nation like Jay Hova Verse 1: I never had a record deal (Uh uh) But you heard my name and know my set is real Women love the sex appeal Music for your ears and you can get to feel (Uh huh) Respected by people in the mainstream But me and dem don't have the same dream I'm in the culture and the history books Now it's time to get my account like Diddy's look It's never corny if I'm singing hooks This is chess, kill your rook, your bishop took (Uh) Step up on the beat as if I did it wid my foot (Uh) Rappers wanna eat but they didn't cook (Uh uh) I've had a nice run so far (Yeah) Many classics, I can't remember those bars Other rappers is biters, they use their molars You can call me the Gomar Oz Dubar Hook (Repeat) Verse 2: I don't need to go live 'cause I been live (Been live) They know me in the street, you only inside You high out your mind or you have pink eye? (Ah wha?) I talk straight, nut'n I need to imply (Yu hear me) Nobody want a face off (Uh uh) Me neither, I'm trying to raise my base cost (Yeah) Make all the money that they lost They can't catch up, tomato paste sauce My competition not regional So tell these local artists I'm not tweeting you (Ah nuh you mi a talk) It's a small scene so hear wha we fi do Mind your business and stop chat people too (Yu hear dat) I've been the subject of alotta talk They used to hear Hip Hop and want to lock it off (Not any more) Not my fault their music gotten soft And after all these years, they not a boss Hook (Repeat) Verse 3: I might've wrote my first rhyme in the sixth grade (Yeah) Back then, I knew I had this gift made Now, all I do is spit flames And all I want is all my friends get paid (Let's get it) From the inner circle to the network We waa everybody move, nobody get hurt Council the crew, that's what I rep first We been dope, so the Feds search (Yes) They call it dat piff, they call it dat crack Make a lot of dudes feel like they raps wack And they really are I only know MC's, you not familiar Maybe you fell out of the picture like Vivitar A has-been outside trying to see the stars I talk it like I see it The general, I walk in like I be it Hook (Repeat) Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh
U.G.K. 01:57
We have anodda one We have anodda one Yeah... listen Yow... yow... yow Verse 1: I hit dem with the one three (One three) We got a show that you should come see (Five Steez) Underground king like Bun B (And Pimp C) Might be the best in my country (For real) JA, Steez the ambassador (Uh huh) They know about my character, out in Africa (Uh huh) Treat the vernacular like a spatula (Uh huh) Sen on di money if yu waa mi rap for ya (Yes) No free shows, I'm hot like the station with Ebro Since 97, I was deep, yo Listening to Hip Hop through my people Now, I'm in the game and I'm winning like a cheat code (Winning) knocking out tracks back to back, that's beast mode Rap like I clap the gat and reload (Uh) These cats act like they wack plus they're B Roll Dem versus me, that's like Tito 'gainst Deebo (Yeah) Come through like El Nino, wash away your ego Peace to everybody in Sao Paulo and Rio (One love) CT, NY and TO Tired of Kingston, I might hide out in Montego (Okay) wilding in the island or I'm chilling like a villain whatever mode, I'm still killing every riddim (Everyone) I want to see cash to the ceiling of the building even when you broke, you should be feeling like a million (Yes)


HeatRockz 2.0 boasts boom bap bangers, made of moody, dusty and atmospheric beats, paired with top-tier rhymes marked by precision and ease. The EP begins with Five Steez establishing himself on the opening song as Commander in Chief before making it clear he's The Vanguard. He takes over on A.B.S. and lets everyone know who is king on U.G.K., the EP's final track.

“The process for HeatRockz 2.0 was the same as before,” says Mordecai. “I cooked up a batch of the hottest beats and sent them over for Steez to do his thing.”

Five Steez says, “The main difference in the approach this time was that I locked in at home because of this pandemic and did most of this project in one weekend.”


released July 3, 2020

Produced by Mordecai
Mixed by Five Steez
Mastered by Makonnen Blake-Hanna


all rights reserved



Five Steez Kingston, Jamaica

It is impossible to have a credible discussion about Hip Hop in Jamaica without mentioning Five Steez. Although the country isn't a hot spot for Hip Hop talent, the underground Kingston MC has graced international festivals and has been acknowledged by Earmilk, Okayplayer and The FADER. ... more

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