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by Five Steez & J-Zen

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Ayo Listen Yow yow (Ayo) Verse 1: I release, I'm a soldier at ease We can never have peace in these Kingston streets (uh huh) I chose to fight with my ink on beats (yeah) Only dope I write 'cause I think so deep (deep) South Americans call me Cinco Steez Known for having the stinkest trees (uh) Don't ask for a verse if you think it's free (don't) What you earn at your work is my business fee (Yes!) Yes, I don't tolerate disrespect (uh uh) I start bombing like Inspectah Deck I ain't nut'n to mess wit, you better check ya step Hoping all my people resurrect (God bless) I recollect, we lost some that rep the set We was trying to see how big our records get Like two training partners running neck and neck Our highlight reel full of Spesh FX Ayo Our highlight reel full of Spesh FX Verse 2: We already made our place in history Rapping till the age of fifty, facing sixty The way I raise my city, I'm like Jay or Biggie Most say Nas, this Jamaica, not Queens The City of Kings, from the ground is hot steam Di shotta dem badder than any block team Man head sick, yow, what's the vaccine? The Council run the Hip Hop scene (yes) So much dread, I don't know what locks mean (uh uh) Do this for the heads, yow, not the pop dream (nah) Switch up on your fans and now you boxed een (look there) Thought you would blow up and start fi stash green But now, long is how the tick tock seem (yeah) Running out of time though the wristwatch clean (uh) Yu still tink yu a big shot, eeh? (Eeh?) Yu a sellout, I don't dig dat, zeen? Nomad Carlos: It's my type of shit right here, yo I love that shit Verse 3: Catch me rolling around in my Mercedes Vintage, in New York City, from Kingston though On the low, ninja moves every time Got the drop on you, out of sight, out of mind Never seen when I'm coming, the silk on my body rest peacefully And my toast close when it need to be I like my scenery green for the inspiration End results, keep my shit in rotation I love the envy, trust me, I love the hate The jealousy keeps me going stronger Yu par wid di enemy, yu dead wid di enemy And anyone a dem weh a frenemy, dem ah guh dead to mi ... Delusion's a disease Can't clap me, Ztinkz, TS or Five Steez Responsible for any hype you receive In the West Indies, nyam yu food like cheese, how yu mean? Our highlight reel full of Spesh FX
Let's get ready Here we go now Yes, yes Verse 1: Nod your heads to this, snap your fingers The microphone specialist is back up in dis (Back) Strictly Dragon Stout, never crack a Guinness (not any more) Few niggaz, lotsa women hanging wid us (yes) Used to be family pictures, now it's the gram for instance I be on IG but I ran the distance (uh huh) Ask 'bout Five Steez, yo, he handle business They ain't like me, yo, they hang with snitches Cool as iced tea, I could bang yo mistress Call it a nice deed, help a damsel distressed Love chicks with ass in they pants and big breasts Catch us on the floor and we dancing in step Moving like we screwing and she gasping in sweat The groove in the music like passionate sex (yeah) We hit the sheets, and after we rest She made me skeet like I was blasting a Tec Chorus: What's your vibe? What's your vibe? What's your vibe? We could go outside, chill inside Hop in the whip, let's take a ride Pour sum'n, let's get high, let's get high What's your vibe? What's your vibe? What's your vibe? I got my eyes on your thighs, on your thighs You got the CD, you gon wanna see me live You can call me Steez, you can call me Five What's your vibe? What's your vibe? What's your vibe? We could go outside, chill inside, chill inside Hop in the whip, let's take a ride, take a ride Pour sum'n, let's get high, let's get high What's your vibe? What's your vibe? What's your vibe? I got my eyes on your thighs, on your thighs You got the CD, you gon wanna see me live You can call me Steez, you can call me Five Verse 2: It's the smooth word spitter, pretty girl getter The ladies can't find a sir slicker You never smelt a herb stinker Yes, I got bars like I serve liquor One round sit you down lke furniture (yeah) J-Zen got the beats, I'll work witcha (uh huh) Two languages we speak, no interpreter It's the underground we at the surface o' Come to the show, we pack the venue The woman in rare shoes, new hair dos Even clothes you can stare through in clear view Music so loud, I can't hear you And I'm the MC waiting on my cue On the stage, it's amazing how I move Every set, I base it on a mood Journey with me, I'll take you on a cruise Chorus Verse 3: Steez rock the audience like the Parliament That's why all these females all on him (yes) Strictly gal to mi ting, no homonym (yes) Loose chat, we pause that with the comma then (pause) Babygirl, bring yu sistrin and anodda friend (yes) Unu stay good, some gyal nuh look hot again If you looking for fun, no problem You want a good time? Just holla then Let's see what happens, what manifests Maybe I get to hit it and it's next Or I love you more than words can express If you have that in your life then you have it best That's the goal, as I roam the globe Whatever I do, make sure I own my soul (yeah) Find the right woman for my home abode What's your plans for the night, you don't have to go alone Let's roll, let's go Chorus
No Debate 02:22
Yeah Five Steez, J-Zen Kingston to France Check it... yow, yow Verse 1: I be the most amazing, chilling with J-Zen Your favourite is Jamaican, classics, I made 'em On numerous occasions, new innovations Ruling the nation, who is the greatest? (Us) My crew win the races like Usain in lane six Like butane, I spray dis, spew flames and blaze spliffs The results of listening Wu Tang in grade six My group hang in basements, new brand arrangements Still come through with Cubans and Haitians (sak pase) Expect to get a hassle through immigration Not a threat, we just do entertainment Business with Muslims and Jews with the bacon (uh) My life like a movie in the making (yeah) Tell them play my music on the station (play dis) I'm in the studio creating The best at this, there's truly no debating (yes) Uh Yeah (Yeah) (Yes) Verse 2: Whoever I connect wit, I'm guaranteed to wreck shit Stages, I blessed it, the club swinging like my necklace Wack rappers find the exit When I hear their weak tracks, I get restless Their music bad for you like asbestos Gotta stay healthy like my last breakfast Still try to be wealthy in a black Lexus Accountants to help me with the tax measures Get money, but not at the cost of the music I stay cooking up with special sauces and juices Rappers want features, I toss them the deuces These dudes that think that they bosses is losers I'm talking to you, cuz, it's so disgusting Where's the chrome you bussing? I'm sure you wasn't You holding nothing, you only bluffing We all know you fronting, no discussion (What?) No discussion We all know you fronting, no discussion
We can never know We can never know Chorus: We can never know Where the day gon take us, how the night gon go We can never know When your time going come but you reap what you sow We can never know When you die, what really happens to your soul? We can never know So I give thanks every day that I walk through the door Verse 1: I remember I got the call from Mordecai Seven thirty two, number unrecognized Cruising in the ride, Kera at my side The man was telling me France Nooks died Just last week, we was performing live At the Scantana show, we took the mic We rocked with Equiknoxx, and said yo, Nooks is nice You did your thing, represented First Coast We had more in store, what hurt most Is the way you passed, I know the pain will last I remember your gems and your music A soldier for Pay Attention, the movement Turned master from sensible student Wisdom the OGs mentor the youth wid You was on the Billboard without popular fame Gone too soon, so we honour your name Chorus Verse 2: I feel I'm used to death, I don't fear it Lost four uncles, all grandparents Many relatives, friends, even this week A high school friend dead from heart disease That's the second one recently, you know how it feel to me Time is limited, treasure every moment Live good, for your wrongs, get atonement Deal with challenges like chess opponents Seize the present opportunity for my community It's what my ancestors put in me I'm here to leave a legacy of goodwill And speak life 'cause no man should kill Life transforms but cannot be replaced You ain't tough without the cannon in your waist Reacting slow when my hands up in your face You ain't a killer or a gangsta, you a fake Verse 3: Time will tell where I find myself Wanted heaven, thought life was hell But I'm happier now, I can rise as well Aiming to tip any size the scale Still focused on life's true meaning Finding love, it's like a new feeling What was the likelihood of us two meeting? You tired of your dude, just leave him People and things change so quickly So I show love to whoever that is wit me Niggaz I thought was the future now is history And it worse when dem leave wife and pickney I seen the hearse and the sight of it sick mi I pree a verse and I write to uplift wi So live in love and praise the most high And give thanks for the days that go by Chorus


Kingston, Jamaica underground Hip Hop staple Five Steez has teamed up with French beatmaker J-Zen for the new EP Pantone. The project features four songs that will get heads nodding, having fun and even reflecting on life and death, all within 15 minutes.

"J-Zen and I did these songs between late 2017 and early 2018. I'm excited about this project because it's the same true school boom bap Hip Hop people know me for, but it's a very different groove, sound and texture from anything I've ever released." - Five Steez


released October 1, 2019

Recorded at Gambling House Recording Studio
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by J-Zen

* Thanks to Yoann S. for the cover picture


all rights reserved



Five Steez Kingston, Jamaica

It is impossible to have a credible discussion about Hip Hop in Jamaica without mentioning Five Steez. Although the country isn't a hot spot for Hip Hop talent, the underground Kingston MC has graced international festivals and has been acknowledged by Earmilk, Okayplayer and The FADER. ... more

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