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War for Peace

by Five Steez

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Intro: It's Five Steez And this the War for Peace Representing Kingston streets, yu zimme Inztinkz on the beat Yow Verse 1: I touch down, puff pounds on rough grounds where kids run down despite the gun sounds a far cry from uptown where I rest my head pour out some Guinness, God bless the dead honour the ancestors though we in the Western face the direction of the east to find peace rapper by profession, black revolutionary the hustlers and the gamblers salute already killers shoot the dezi, guerillas do respect me strategize war like moving a chesspiece unity is strength, we need to come together and see the world can't be run corrupt forever all the shotta link dem, killing politicians every innocent youth dead, two cops is missing war can be vicious, are you with the snitches? or the bloodsuckers making the people struggle Chorus [Inztinkz] Rap calisthenics, it's dianetics for the diabetics flying pellets in the eyes of peasants, rewind the edits backwards Live gats pulled right where them cats stood in black hoods, rolling backwoods and holding raps good Rap calisthenics, prophetics for the diabetics flying pellets in the eyes of peasants, rewind the edits backwards Live gats pulled right where them cats stood in black hoods, rolling backwoods and holding raps good Verse 2: The prince, soon to be king, god and general my laws is ethical, I war with several call the medical, my foes' thoughts is legible go off and wreck a crew if no squad respecting you roll on whichever dude, so calm, I'm next to you before you realize, it's "Hold on, I'm begging you" flow bars impeccable, Mozart incredible go hard for revenue, so large, I'm federal under surveillance for underworld associations being watched on closed circuit for open cases you know I lace it, mi have di big link showing faces at the poker table like I'm holding basic flush crap from the game, taking all bets Damien laced him plus I'm Jamaica's God blessed take a long breath, now breathe out pree the words coming out of Steez mouth Chorus [Inztinkz]
Chorus (Repeat) This is all that I do and all that I love For my fam, my sisters and all my thugs It's the rebel music that run through my blood put it all on the line till I catch a slug Verse 1: I'm reporting live on location from the Jamaican capital - Kingston, St. Andrew overpopulated, poor, uneducated we hardly get the basics like health care and social welfare, yo, we need help here Financial aid made us the bankers' slaves teenage boys raised in the gangsta ways teenage girls stuck getting Pampers changed it's a shame it came to this, streets so dangerous cops train to hit but still aim and miss blatant murder, only a few times accidents harassing youth in the garrisons innocent prisoners without any visitors It's ridiculous how they keep us trapped in illusion distractions from the media, lies from our leaders false hope from the preachers, they can't reach us Chorus (Repeat) Verse 2: Everybody want heaven in this hellhole some of them get lost and they sell their souls for a piece of paper, can't even treat a neighbour with respect, unless he paid a fee or favour they say we need a prayer or a Jesus saviour cause we in danger, looking for easy capers only seen as labour and votes to keep the state up corrupting people's nature, it's not a free Jamaica the system make us suffer on a daily basis funeral homes got faces of all ages jail is full of cages that's overpopulated courts got crazy cases from bail applications to murders on the pavement, it's just everyday shit but it don't phase us, we stuck in the matrix and it can't be one man that's gonna change us it's gonna take the whole entire nation to raise up What the fuck? You nah mean? Feel what I'm saying? Like... if we ever going to see any change It can't be... we can't be expecting somebody else to do it for us We have to do it for ourselves Y'know? It's just the way of the world Go out for your own Let's do this For us Chorus (Repeat)
Check it Yow Verse 1: His voice broke in the middle of his life story he had to smoke before he told me the rest took a deep breath, spoke sadness and regret for what he coulda been if the gang never took him in he coulda played ball and become a big star young child, fifteen, mama on trial jail time came after, he mastered disaster fast to grab the Mac from the stash and blast ya known for toe-tagging with twin gold Magnums so random, made men history like cro magnons still standing in the street, after the beef everybody deceased or locked in the beast he said he had nothing to show for the hustling trusted customers had cops rushing in he remember mama said "Watch your fucking friends" ten in the pen, he never going up again Chorus (Repeat) These are the lives we live, we dream of better things instead of being the queen bitches and the ghetto kings Circumstances make us, know yourself 'cause nobody else can save us (Nobody but you) Verse 2: My crew hit the town, my nigga spend a hundred thou tricking on stripper chicks amidst a thick crowd baby brown and round, going up and down crawl over on her knees with a sexy growl "Come get it now", lapdance, right there hands everywhere, "Let's get outta here" To the back of the club, private room anything goes as long as they like the mood I like 'em in the nude and I like 'em in their clothes I love dem body, their heart, mind and their soul I got into her brain, her name wasn't strange was a fashion model, carving a new lane Paris, Spain, fame, cocaine then came decline like a falling airplane she bounced back with a baller, but he got killed now she strip to pay the bill so I tipped and gave her bills Chorus (Repeat) Instrumental plays Chorus (Repeat)
Intro: Uh Inztinkz... Five Steez For the streets... and all the corporate peeps Whatever you do to survive... Nine to five... Any type of hustle... whatever Listen (let's go) Chorus I'm just slaving on the plantation seeing all the MONEY that the bossman making I don't wanna be here, yo, I can't take it Sometimes it feel like eternal damnation but I'm right here slaving on the plantation can't afford to have my car and my land taken I woke up from the dream that I had made it How did I get here? It must be bad placement but I'm right here Verse 1: Another day again, the same old ish going to work, I hope the day go quick sitting in the traffic in the morning still yawning heading to the office feeling like I missed my calling there's a hundred things that I'd rather do like, catch my crew on the ends passing through I need a scheme to get cream but don't have a clue I want a few mil and somewhere to stash it too quitting is a backwards move if I got no other means to make some better cream and pursue my dreams so I'm stuck here, bored, unhappy shoulda known from the interview they gon' trap me and what was the point of my college education if I'm here and the knowledge getting wasted taking orders, running round like a chump so close to leaving till I get my cheque end of month and I'm... Chorus Verse 2: Money has to be made, we all slaves to the cash some get it slow and others get it fast you fortunate, if you born wid it, cause I know people that work hard for it just to pay their student loan or the rent, or the mortgage for their newest home pay bills, raise kids, buy food and clothes it's all about filling pockets, on the street, in the office whether you dropped out or went to college we all the same 'cause nobody wanna do this trick as for me, always wanted just to use my gift spit some rhymes and get up in the music biz people try to tell me that's a foolish wish like, how will I survive, but I can't let my dreams die on this nine to five so I gotta try I'd rather fall flat on my face if I don't make it until then, yo, I'm here where I hate it Chorus Verse 3: As the sun rise, it starts to feel dark and gloomy laying half asleep in bed, it's so hard to move me 'cause this job is not where my heart is truly it's like they casted me for the wrong part of the movie I can't do that crap, it bore me to death go to lunch, come back and surf the internet this stuff is too easy, don't hold my interest I want to rip mics and prove that I'm Kingston's best not even in my prime, barely writing rhymes this time, proposals and reports for deadlines I hate it here, let me make that clear I'm for the paper, yeah, that's my motivation there this can't be my career, my talents are too rare I need to find an exit but that don't seem too near but here's what I'ma do, get on the mic in the booth and clear out these fake rappers by writing the truth Chorus
Nah... check it Yow Verse 1: Niggaz can't see Five unless it's my logo for God's sake, I give a scarface to Manolo the beat kick, I spit a punch, this the dojo label contracts, I read the clause, ho ho you can't get me, gimme my percentage I want black Bentleys without having to rent it I'm winning the pennant, pass the ring and the crown lock down the town and bring them things around Jamaican rappers, bringing that yard core smashing every girl in the world and want more all my niggaz roar, lions in this jungle pumping weight and keeping iron for the muscle I got a key to the studio, rhyming is my hustle on the corporate ladder, climbing was a struggle so I hopped off, let the boss know that I'm not soft "Don't watch my shirt and tie, just watch how you talk" I'm quick to throw a CEO out the window I bet he hit the ground before he even say no the crowd go "Hey ho" when I'm at the stageshow so let me lay low, nigga, I don't play around I could spray the pound but I'ma lay this down I got the greatest sound and if you never knew well, now you know plus they call this the sour flow 'cause you make up your face when I spit out a quote Chorus (x4) This that yard nigga rap, this that yard nigga chat yeah, the yard niggaz back cause y'all niggaz wack Verse 2: I was raised in the city of kings on this rock I seen some of the prettiest things on my block sports cars, gorgeous women, see how large they living still it's hard in Kingston, so I'm on my grind everybody get their time to shine and soon is mine people seh "Who dat a rhyme? Is a yard yute dat?" "Him sound hard", true dat, "But dis a JA him fi guh America", yow, wha unu tek mi for? they revoking visas even if you smoking reefer plus in Jamaica, we get more for cheaper land of the sunshine, trees and no water thugs bleach by the border, they keeping the order the police can't do shit and when they come they buss their guns and kill innocent sons politicians sell drugs, some steal money wearing suits in Parliament looking real funny their days are numbered because the streets hungry so am I, this paper, they can't keep from me I'm pursuing this music with a crew of producers keep you moving and grooving, bobbing and nodding popping and locking, rocking and bopping working hard in the studio like I'm chopping the cotton but, I'm no slave plus I own my masters I need my cash faster, I shouldn't have to ask ya Chorus (x4)
Yeah yeah Five Steez (War for Peace)... The Five Star MC Big up to the legends I'm in the building (Kingston) I want my respect (yardcore) Yow Verse 1: Let me perform at the Apollo for the fame back on my grind, not a dollar to my name felt like I was done with this but yo, I'm running shit without a producer, a label or a publicist team management got caught trafficking packages of cannabis, time to handle this the hardships of an independent artiste my appetite too big for the local market I start this revolution for better music Hip Hop from Jamaica as if you never knew it all-out warfare for some recognition dropping clever writtens over heavy rhythms on the radio, I don't hear my record spinning just garbage music, that's why I never listen yeah, I see the system but I don't go through 'cause I don't feel you and I don't know you Chorus: I don't need the watch, just gimme my props and I'll represent till my city on top I'm used to hate, appreciate the love still watch for snakes that wanna take my blood around the town, saying they down with him when things slow up, they not around again against all odds but I'm bound to win was once a slave, now you crown me king Verse 2: You know my steelo, Five Steezo rewind my lines, it's like Tivo slash Vevo classic, like Ree-bo to the K 5 mics, most rappers zero anyway yow, the highest caliber, I rap algebra snap into character, black out like Africa rock crowds, Metallica, knock out a challenger mic handler, moving people like traffickers I don't see why niggaz think they rap real nice I can't relate, I don't know what wack feels like they told me bout it, the track seemed tight heard it for myself, they flat screen light I drop words like film, burn herbs in a kiln with the gods, I build, keep the earth on tilt represent the essence till I'm in the dirt less than 10 percent heed my lessons and my work Chorus (Repeat) Verse 3: When my back's to the wall, I don't quiver I trust no bitch, depend on no nigga I been there when they turn to ghost figures so I learned to make my dolo mo bigger I been up and down, still underground people wonder how this Jamaican dude making moves, across the seas, they download MP3's awaiting the arrival of the MC Steez Chorus (Repeat) Now you crown me king Yeah Five Steez Main Source... Damien... Wallabee Kingston, Jamaica... Yardcore Hip Hop Live and direct Representing the true school... the essence War for Peace... yeah
Yeah Ugh... Days are nights are cold Any of us can go Yow Verse 1: The street lights above flicker, she's waiting on a pick up in the thick of the night, the air is cold like ice she never knew this life before, turned a whore from years of addiction, once a rich man's mistress now it's distress and visits to the clinics poverty got her selling pussy for a few digits going home to her children, sunrise high on crack, smelling like sex, they adapt it's normal, most kids find it awkward female paupers on a quest, midnight marauders street corners is the office, the lawyers and the bosses pass by, cheating on their wives she stay cautious, last month her friend Shauna went missing and they found her body in the waters she keep her blade sharpened, there's a car parking a customer, asking "What's your price darling?" Chorus (Repeat) Under the sun and moon, days and nights are cold Death don't discriminate, any of us can go Male, female, young or old It might be in the papers but most stories are never told Verse 2: She stepped to the vehicle, "Daddy, let me see you" "I'm looking for a good time", the nigga said "Me too" asked her name, "They call me pretty sweet" as cute as could be, "Get in the passenger seat" riding with a straight freak, back to the house parked on the street, she went south with her mouth a real pro, learned how to blow to get cocaine using her whole brain, these hoes have no shame this man was po po with his clothes plain he killed her with the fo fo at close range choked her out after he bust, put her in cuffs took her to the house so all the cops could fuck when it was over, a silent gunshot to the dome about the time she would usually get home to make breakfast, her kids wake to an empty house she was dead in the gully with blood up in her mouth Chorus (Repeat) Verse 3: The next day, the newspaper page say woman slain individuals not identified by name say the woman work the night train, think she call herself Charmaine, but it was Alaine mother of two, single parenthood was a strain did what she could to maintain, from dating rich men to smuggling cocaine, by plane and by train been around the world and back to the street game she feel pain, gotta raise her kids in the slums seen better days but she take it as it comes once had life and now a victim of the gun and whoulda thunk the trigger man was a drunk cop, corrupt, off-duty, his wife was moody left the house unruly, driving, looking for pussy angry so he took it to murder and rape hours later, he gotta investigate the case Chorus (Repeat)
Uh huh For the queens... extra special you know Yeah... yeah Yow...yow... yow Verse 1: Black woman, you're a blessing to the earth I pay attention to your lessons and your work though the world forgot your measure and your worth and I feel the same whenever you are hurt in moments of weakness, there is strength still and carrying a child takes immense will you have it in you, to continue triumphant, despite what you've been through it's a man's world but life can't come from a man you've experienced things I could never understand you deserve honour, African madonna be a baby mama, without the drama teach the generations about this very nation a proud race, ascending, elevating it starts with our relationships if we want to see a future for our kids Chorus: Black Beauty, you truly do move me Black Beauty, you truly see through me Black Beauty, you truly do soothe me Black Beauty, you're truly good to me Verse 2: Skin black like oil, body thick like Molasses Nia Long, Angela Bassett I'm not just trying to assess yor assets but I'd like to access your address you more than a mistress on a mattress been through different romances, liquor and some dances, little bit of chances I wasted 'cause I didn't say shit, never knew how to play it but it's a new day and I finally found courage to tell you the real and be like "Fuck it" I love it how we genuine friends how you, keep it real, how you never pretend never jealous of girls when I'm mentioning dem men approaching you get disrespected again and again, you a queen for real so I say exactly what I mean and feel, yeah Chorus Verse 3: For my true women, who been in situations where the shit you facing leaves your heart breaking I take into consideration how you feel with patience, the wounds heal it's too real, share with me, my eyes tear quickly when I hear your pain, you made me change I'm not the same as the men that hurt you I'd rather love you, show you your worth boo no money can amount to your spirit drink from this fountain of lyrics purely from the heart, bring light to the dark start with respect, understanding foundation for healthy families so the kids can breathe and see who a man be appreciating all the love that you have to offer mother of creation, please forgive us when we falter Chorus
[Five Steez] Knowlege is the foundation [Kabaka Pyramid] No doubt, sun [Five Steez] Let's do this... help them understand [Kabaka Pyramid] Let's make it known Verse 1 [Five Steez] I am, god and man the five-pointed star for the rise and fall and the five senses, four limbs, one head five percenters say arm, leg, leg, Mass is/masses mislead by belief, because without knowledge you dead the universal laws of nature and your knowledge of self show we god in the flesh, a concept is what you accept the power of the mind accomplish success man saw the sky from the earth, conceived a higher force looking to the heavens to search and find the source of the universe but what the hell they trying for? when it resides in your soul, your self is the only thing you can know, see the blind faith? in an idea that the mind creates it is what it is in the grimy place all I can do is live and decide my fate Chorus (Repeat) I, can be who I wanna be Why, shouldn't a man be free? With lies and fear, they try to enslave me Be wise, follow the knowledge and you'll see Verse 2 [Kabaka Pyramid] I Self-Law and Master, the god's in this Allah's descendants, arm, leg, leg, arm, we all share the same self whether you is male or female I kick the detail 'cause most niggaz thoughts is frail with minds fragile, not knowing thoughts travel faster than the speed of light, sound and bullets through barrels I resurrect the essence of Pharaohs like Isis call me Heru, my thoughts are priceless, giving life to the lifeless like Kheperu, I'm coming into being knowing I made 'em, I still got love for Europeans reduced to preeing myself as a man and not a god is flawed so through the faculty of will, I must evolve the truth, that's Ma'at with the wings on the arm I sing for the strong, my third eye in the midst of the storm we all know the Pyramid align with the Five Star constellation, metaphyiscal conversation Chorus (Repeat) Verse 3: [Five Steez] I rise with the sun, resurrect every morning no ritual or offerings, while you still lost in the wildnerness, still thinking primitive the difference is, I'm building with, knowldege unlimited my lineage is the makers of the pyramids that will be my pilgrimmage, not to where Israel is the land of the Islamist, they made god in their own images but I know the mind is infinite, all I do is tap into it [Kabaka Pyramid] Math and arithmetic, master the Genesis unity is one and creation is to sever dis my patience is unlimited, life force replenishing my spine with the energies, time is my nemesis it's all illusion when the gods is moving know the universal laws and rules, watching y'all abuse 'em religion only cause confusion, it's all been proven that man can be Christ in the flesh, life over death 'cause Chorus (Repeat) Yeah Is just a matter of time you know Knowledge of self... Self-knowledge you know That's what we talking Ugh... Pizzle... Steezy... BP... Bebble Ugh Let it ride out Yeah
Chorus: *Bobby Bob scratching vocal samples* "It's like I'm fighting for freedom" "Cause I got no choice" "Writing for freedom" "So listen up" "...the world to me is being free" "You can tell that's it real" "Live and let live and just let it be" "Love, peace and harmony" ... "Listen, man" Verse 1 [Five Steez]: I'm tired of being young, gifted, black and broke held down by the system, we lacking hope sitting wid my sistrin, where's the antidote listen to words of wisdom the rapper quotes I studied Marcus in my teenages, followed Malcolm in my past life but I could never be racist I see faces of ancestors appearing in dreams telling me the path isn't clear as it seems where does it lead? The destination is the journey here to be free, find myself in the process make progress from problems on my conscience it was logic, I concocted these projects it's cathartic, being an artist, it's the hardest in a market that hear Rap and ask why we start it it's my vehicle, I'm driven by the people I found my freedom and I'm only trying to free you Yeah C'mon Chorus Verse 2 [Nomad Carlos] I used to listen 'Pac 'fore I was old enough to understand what he was saying, but I felt every word out in Kingston, relating to everything that I heard Rap opened my mind, that's what I was listening first but mi start pree deeper, Buju, di Marley dem Sizzla and the teachings in the music wid mi parry dem after dat, some all turn Rastafarian Selassie I, but not I, praise the most high though growing up, yo, mi read about everything the history and apply it to the world that we living in grew up in a Catholic home, stop guh church 'cause mi drop asleep when the pastor preach laws and politics moms embarassed 'cause her son lacked reverence in confession, I told 'em that I couldn't accept it please forgive me, divided from the rest of the world I don't believe in hell so there's no way I can burn Just free me Free me Chorus (Repeat)
Intro: Yeah... Uh Dawit... Yeah This is Five Steez (Yeah) alongside Shaq the MC Sing for dem please (Whooaa whooaa) Let's take 'em back in the days Let's do dis Yow Verse 1: Reminiscing as a kid, life was simple not as busy as I'm is, in these current days it's like I'm running away from home even though that's where my dome's at, on the road back again, trying to make ends meet and links connect like the internet, I'm trying to spread my wings thoughts wrestling about my directioning which path to follow? Ayo, it's never friends and I never had a hero 'cept for Malcolm X I'm like a young Malik, call me Kingston Red been through so much stuff, you'd think I'm dead positive or negative, choose the ink or lead keeping in mind, I know dudes pinched by Feds so Rap is my obvious choice plus I got Hip Hop in my voice, I'm dropping this joint so please pop a top for the boy Chorus [Shaq the MC] Just a part of growing up Even though the road is rough (Sometimes, the joke's on us) They say you're gonna learn when you're old enough (old enough) Just a part of growing up (growing up) Even though the road is rough (road is rough) They say that you're gonna learn when you're old enough (joke's on us) Verse 2: A lotta people said I couldn't do it met a lotta resistance but I'm pushing through it and now they realize that I'm good at music shaking their head, thinking that they shoulda knew it it's all good, people come around accept it as it is, don't wonder how everything in due time, for its reasons I'm breathing, doing me and it's relieving reaching the ceiling and past it, like I'm elastic just imagine, life in happiness, I'm living it it's perfect, I don't have my millions yet a sports car or the biggest jet I want it, but trust me, yo, I don't need it 'cause what happens when your bank account get deleted? yu zeet, never lose sight of the things in life valued more than ice and worth the sacrifice Chorus [Shaq the MC] Just a part of growing up Even though the road is rough They say you're gonna learn when you're old enough (old enough) Just a part of growing up (growing up) Even though the road is rough (road is rough) They say that you're gonna learn when you're old enough Verse 3: Trials, tribulations, personal battles litigation, I been in nuff situations seen death, been betrayed, heartbroken sometimes I'm dead serious, it's hard joking I snap out of it with Rap around the kid it's a new me with a pen and few leaves a breath of fresh air, that's the dude Steez that's what we do need, space to breathe I seen my faults in the past, many mistakes even did things that brought me plenty disgrace now I lead by example, keep a handful of friends association breeds similarity in the end I can't be chained by the weak links doing what's best for me, it's been deep since one day at a time in the present moment life's lessons are easy when you get to know 'em Chorus [Shaq the MC] Just a part of growing up Even though the road is rough (even though the road is rough) They say you're gonna learn when you're old enough Just a part of growing up Even though the road is rough They say that you're gonna learn when you're old enough Outro [Shaq the MC] Just a part of growing up (Just a part of growing up) Although the road is rough (even though the road is rough) Heeeeeeeeyy Whoooaaaaaa Just a part of growing up Even though the road is rough They say you're gonna learn when you're old enough (You remember Kisko? Money football?) Just a part of growing up (For the people) Even though the road is rough (Yeah)
Intro: Uh huh (uh huh) Uh huh (yeah yeah) Yeah yeah It's Five Steez, the Five Star MC Tun up di mic a likkle please Chorus I came to bring the pain (came to bring the pain) They say I'm crazy and deranged (crazy and deranged) Well, maybe I'm insane (maybe I'm insane) but I'm just blazing up the flames (yeah yeah, yeah yeah) Yeah yeah Verse 1: Dem waa di dancehall so mi give it to dem dem haffi pull up dis bad riddim again mi chat some stuff from within my pen giving you gems, this kid is a ten but I'm Five Steez, I'm a MC right now, mi a deejay, don't hate me out of dis world, like Hades, sicker than rabies mi dawgs dem hate fleas since my ABC's, I was sounding like Supercat and Jay-Z, I maybe rhyme like AZ lines or KP we mek Rap buss a yard, dem disc jock just a fraud check the facts from di start, ah yah suh it tek off when Clive Campbell set him box up inna di Bronx Hip Hop is in my songs, Rasta in my chant Selassie in mi heart, Jesus in my features on my feet is Adidas, Run DMC was the leaders nutn sweeter than the tweeter, leaning on the speakers wid a queen and a diva steaming the sativa legal up the reefer, pleading to the leaders 'cause I see the rights of the people is in breaches reason with the teachers with Egyptian secrets Steez is the deepest, an MC so genius Chorus (Repeat) I came to bring the pain (came to bring the pain) They say I'm crazy and deranged (crazy and deranged) Well, maybe I'm insane (maybe I'm insane) but I'm just blazing up the flames (yeah yeah, yeah yeah) Yeah yeah Verse 2: Dem say mi sound unique Big up Manifesto, the crew deep Hip Hop ting, is a new beat Every line mi sing is a true speech Yeah, dem feel mi like Tupac so dem buss a few shot from dem new Glock then some new cop come mek di tune stop but then dem start feel di roots rock mix wid di Hip Hop, di empress dem hips rock touch your toes, now tick tock yow, mi haffi grip dat from di shape tip top mi have di sick chat, she seh mi have di big what I walk wid a slick bop, fresher than Ziplock you better check what time it is, wristwatch flip rhymes in styles Pizzle and Dig got add melody like 9 and di ting shot mi marry di music, nuh need di ring back even though the ting lack funds for mi bring back some drop War for Peace and the Kings of Kings album hope the local DJ's rinse off some I'm simply awesome, but dem waa run mi off the mic, 'cause di bars are tight Hip Hop cause a fight, dem nah see right love the flashy life and not the Rasta ites Outro w/ dub delays
[Tara Harrison] Ooooooooo Oooohhhhhh Oooohhhhh Yeeeeaaahhhh [Five Steez] Five Steez... Tara Harrison (Yeah) Yeah... (Ugh)... Uh huh... (Yeah) Yow Verse 1: I'm sick of dreaming, time to make it real business meetings, let us seal the deal I bomb tracks, now I read contracts link my lawyer, tell dem "I don't want that" it's official, I built it from the ground up the music sound tough, they think it's now luck but I've been at this, theory and practice I mastered the craft so where the cash is? trips overseas, rip shows for G's this role's for me, I spit flows for free I did it all the time as a hobby as I kid now I'm at the point where it probably is a biz I control my music and my destiny don't need the fame, real heads respect the Steez the fake feel placed in jeopardy my rep legendary and people check for me Chorus [Tara Harrison] (Repeat) With this beat, I lock my heart away I go hard, spit fire all night, all day turn it up and feel it right away shining like the sunset next to me Verse 2: I don't need diamonds to shine, niggaz blind in they minds I guess it's just a sign of the times they go where the wind blow and ride with the tide having all sorts of things deciding their lives not I and I, that reside in the sky the SunGod on earth, Christ personified rappers rocking ice in summertime, Jesus pieces not realizing they've got each his features divine rhymes inclined with the business mind bad boys try to shine and get prison time focused on the music, no distractions choosing banging beats for the dopest rapping do it for the streets and hope they blast it link with all the peeps and we blow some ashes in the face of the weak 'cause we know it's classic and you feel what I speak on this soulful magic Bridge [Tara Harrison] I dreamed a dream, I saw the light to live my truth, it's my right no hesitation, I roll with the wind (Oooooooooohhhhhhh) no complications long as I keep moving It's not for me, it's for the streets but I will be all I can be no hesitation, I roll with the wind (Oooooooooohhhhhhh) and I can shine long as the record keep spinning Chorus (Repeat)


'War for Peace' is the long-awaited debut album by Five Steez.

“This is real music to help people in the struggle find peace. It is new millennium boom-bap Hip Hop with soulful production, heavily themed with a lot of commentary, storytelling, introspection and raw lyricism on display." – Five Steez

Executive Produced by Five Steez.

Artwork by Lauren 'Rebel' Watkis.


released August 21, 2012


all rights reserved



Five Steez Kingston, Jamaica

It is impossible to have a credible discussion about Hip Hop in Jamaica without mentioning Five Steez. Although the country isn't a hot spot for Hip Hop talent, the underground Kingston MC has graced international festivals and has been acknowledged by Earmilk, Okayplayer and The FADER. ... more

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