No Debate

from Pantone by Five Steez & J-Zen



Five Steez, J-Zen
Kingston to France
Check it... yow, yow

Verse 1:
I be the most amazing, chilling with J-Zen
Your favourite is Jamaican, classics, I made 'em
On numerous occasions, new innovations
Ruling the nation, who is the greatest? (Us)
My crew win the races like Usain in lane six
Like butane, I spray dis, spew flames and blaze spliffs
The results of listening Wu Tang in grade six
My group hang in basements, new brand arrangements
Still come through with Cubans and Haitians (sak pase)
Expect to get a hassle through immigration
Not a threat, we just do entertainment
Business with Muslims and Jews with the bacon (uh)
My life like a movie in the making (yeah)
Tell them play my music on the station (play dis)
I'm in the studio creating
The best at this, there's truly no debating (yes)


Verse 2:
Whoever I connect wit, I'm guaranteed to wreck shit
Stages, I blessed it, the club swinging like my necklace
Wack rappers find the exit
When I hear their weak tracks, I get restless
Their music bad for you like asbestos
Gotta stay healthy like my last breakfast
Still try to be wealthy in a black Lexus
Accountants to help me with the tax measures
Get money, but not at the cost of the music
I stay cooking up with special sauces and juices
Rappers want features, I toss them the deuces
These dudes that think that they bosses is losers
I'm talking to you, cuz, it's so disgusting
Where's the chrome you bussing? I'm sure you wasn't
You holding nothing, you only bluffing
We all know you fronting, no discussion
(What?) No discussion
We all know you fronting, no discussion


from Pantone, released October 1, 2019
Recorded at Gambling House Recording Studio
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by J-Zen


all rights reserved



Five Steez Kingston, Jamaica

It is impossible to have a credible discussion about Hip Hop in Jamaica without mentioning Five Steez. Although the country isn't a hot spot for Hip Hop talent, the underground Kingston MC has graced international festivals and has been acknowledged by Earmilk, Okayplayer and The FADER. ... more

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