Spesh FX (feat. Nomad Carlos)

from Pantone by Five Steez & J-Zen



Yow yow

Verse 1:
I release, I'm a soldier at ease
We can never have peace in these Kingston streets (uh huh)
I chose to fight with my ink on beats (yeah)
Only dope I write 'cause I think so deep (deep)
South Americans call me Cinco Steez
Known for having the stinkest trees (uh)
Don't ask for a verse if you think it's free (don't)
What you earn at your work is my business fee (Yes!)
Yes, I don't tolerate disrespect (uh uh)
I start bombing like Inspectah Deck
I ain't nut'n to mess wit, you better check ya step
Hoping all my people resurrect (God bless)
I recollect, we lost some that rep the set
We was trying to see how big our records get
Like two training partners running neck and neck
Our highlight reel full of Spesh FX

Our highlight reel full of Spesh FX

Verse 2:
We already made our place in history
Rapping till the age of fifty, facing sixty
The way I raise my city, I'm like Jay or Biggie
Most say Nas, this Jamaica, not Queens
The City of Kings, from the ground is hot steam
Di shotta dem badder than any block team
Man head sick, yow, what's the vaccine?
The Council run the Hip Hop scene (yes)
So much dread, I don't know what locks mean (uh uh)
Do this for the heads, yow, not the pop dream (nah)
Switch up on your fans and now you boxed een (look there)
Thought you would blow up and start fi stash green
But now, long is how the tick tock seem (yeah)
Running out of time though the wristwatch clean (uh)
Yu still tink yu a big shot, eeh? (Eeh?)
Yu a sellout, I don't dig dat, zeen?

Nomad Carlos:
It's my type of shit right here, yo
I love that shit

Verse 3:
Catch me rolling around in my Mercedes
Vintage, in New York City, from Kingston though
On the low, ninja moves every time
Got the drop on you, out of sight, out of mind
Never seen when I'm coming, the silk on my body rest peacefully
And my toast close when it need to be
I like my scenery green for the inspiration
End results, keep my shit in rotation
I love the envy, trust me, I love the hate
The jealousy keeps me going stronger
Yu par wid di enemy, yu dead wid di enemy
And anyone a dem weh a frenemy, dem ah guh dead to mi
... Delusion's a disease
Can't clap me, Ztinkz, TS or Five Steez
Responsible for any hype you receive
In the West Indies, nyam yu food like cheese, how yu mean?

Our highlight reel full of Spesh FX


from Pantone, released October 1, 2019
Recorded at Gambling House Recording Studio
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by J-Zen


all rights reserved



Five Steez Kingston, Jamaica

It is impossible to have a credible discussion about Hip Hop in Jamaica without mentioning Five Steez. Although the country isn't a hot spot for Hip Hop talent, the underground Kingston MC has graced international festivals and has been acknowledged by Earmilk, Okayplayer and The FADER. ... more

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