We Can Never Know

from Pantone by Five Steez & J-Zen



We can never know
We can never know

We can never know
Where the day gon take us, how the night gon go
We can never know
When your time going come but you reap what you sow
We can never know
When you die, what really happens to your soul?
We can never know
So I give thanks every day that I walk through the door

Verse 1:
I remember I got the call from Mordecai
Seven thirty two, number unrecognized
Cruising in the ride, Kera at my side
The man was telling me France Nooks died
Just last week, we was performing live
At the Scantana show, we took the mic
We rocked with Equiknoxx, and said yo, Nooks is nice
You did your thing, represented First Coast
We had more in store, what hurt most
Is the way you passed, I know the pain will last
I remember your gems and your music
A soldier for Pay Attention, the movement
Turned master from sensible student
Wisdom the OGs mentor the youth wid
You was on the Billboard without popular fame
Gone too soon, so we honour your name


Verse 2:
I feel I'm used to death, I don't fear it
Lost four uncles, all grandparents
Many relatives, friends, even this week
A high school friend dead from heart disease
That's the second one recently, you know how it feel to me
Time is limited, treasure every moment
Live good, for your wrongs, get atonement
Deal with challenges like chess opponents
Seize the present opportunity for my community
It's what my ancestors put in me
I'm here to leave a legacy of goodwill
And speak life 'cause no man should kill
Life transforms but cannot be replaced
You ain't tough without the cannon in your waist
Reacting slow when my hands up in your face
You ain't a killer or a gangsta, you a fake

Verse 3:
Time will tell where I find myself
Wanted heaven, thought life was hell
But I'm happier now, I can rise as well
Aiming to tip any size the scale
Still focused on life's true meaning
Finding love, it's like a new feeling
What was the likelihood of us two meeting?
You tired of your dude, just leave him
People and things change so quickly
So I show love to whoever that is wit me
Niggaz I thought was the future now is history
And it worse when dem leave wife and pickney
I seen the hearse and the sight of it sick mi
I pree a verse and I write to uplift wi
So live in love and praise the most high
And give thanks for the days that go by



from Pantone, released October 1, 2019
Recorded at Gambling House Recording Studio
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by J-Zen


all rights reserved



Five Steez Kingston, Jamaica

It is impossible to have a credible discussion about Hip Hop in Jamaica without mentioning Five Steez. Although the country isn't a hot spot for Hip Hop talent, the underground Kingston MC has graced international festivals and has been acknowledged by Earmilk, Okayplayer and The FADER. ... more

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